The water treatments

massage flottant float formation relaxation

Floating Massage

Our signature treatment, the floating massage, is so much more than just a massage. With the practitioners’ techniques, the body moves in waves. The water flow creates a warm envelope taking away stress and tension. All your sensations are mixed in a wonderful and soothing bouquet. Disclaimer: a severe addiction may develop from the first moment…

60 minutes – 140€



Floating Massage for Two

Our signature treatment in its couple version. Together in the same bath, close your eyes and feel the warm embrace of the water combined with the expert hands of our practitioners.

Coming up on October 1st

50 minutes – 140 € per person

massage flottant duo float


For a moment of freedom, for a birthday, or a surprise, each pool can be privatized (for up to two people).

60 minutes – 140€



Float Bath

Clēmēns invites you to discover its float bath, alone or in pairs. The warm water, saturated in Epsom Salt, brings you all the benefits of magnesium. Floating atop the water, the cradling candlelight combined with an absolute quietness lets you drift toward a deep relaxation state. It is an invitation to let go, rest the mind and body, and meditate.


60 minutes – 140€

Flottaison solo

Aquatic osteopathy

Aquatic osteopathy helps reduce pain and tension. Hot water optimizes muscle relaxation and allows the osteopath a quick and gentle treatment.

60 minutes – 140€

Aquatic Sophrology

Reading the body from head to toe, conscious breathing, positive thoughts: sophrology is a technique of relaxation and letting go. Performed in water, each movement is thought out in accordance with the element for a dive into a modified state of consciousness.

60 minutes – 140€

Réflection sur les murs

Aquatic hypnosis

Hypnosis offers the possibility of managing stress. By letting itself be carried away, the hot water guarantees better action on the mind and the processing of information. An ideal release also for pregnant women, in preparation for childbirth.

60 minutes – 140€