The rituals

Des bains d'eau chaude

Unio ritual

Treat yourself to a duo break and surprise your half.

Nestled in our specular crypt, relax on a comfortable mattress and let yourself be carried by a sensory union, perfectly orchestrated by your two practitioners: looks, skin-to-skin contacts, dance movements and calmly rhythmic gestures immediately connect you in an absolute relaxation.

In a unique atmosphere, this ritual highlights the alliance of bodies thanks to the play of mirrors and the subdued atmosphere. Continue your journey under the vaults of the eighteenth century, illuminated to the rhythm of the undulations of the water and enjoy a private pool to prolong the relaxation.

Intuitio ritual

Share a special time with a loved one.

Our ritual for two let you experience the charm of Clēmēns through a unique experience. Enjoy a tailored massage each followed by a floating bath together. You will come out of this shared parenthesis filled with calm and energy.


Please call us to book this ritual.

Flottaison duo