The classic treatments

Méthode Renata Franca


This RENATA FRANCA technique combines firm pressures and fast rhythm with pumpings and exclusive maneuvers, altogether producing immediate results.

It reduces edema, activates blood flows, and boosts a complex network of vessels that transport fluids throughout the body, which contributes to reducing the dreaded cellulite.

As a result, the body benefits from a reduction in swelling and gains a better-defined contour, in addition to accelerating its metabolism and enjoying well-being.


60 Minutes – 140€

Méthode Renata Franca

by Renata Franca

This is a complex mix of exclusive maneuvers applied in the lymphatic drainage and the shaping massages as conceived by the Renata França method. It works like an immediate manual liposculpture that ensures skin uniformity and enhances muscle definition. Its unique touch reduces measures and swelling and transforms skin texture with results that are visible in the first session. Continuous treatment using this technique ensures a perfect silhouette and a highly modeled body.


60 Minutes – 160€

massage turbinada


The Turbinada is a Brazilian massage that combines numerous drainage maneuvers, remodeling, suction cups and slimroll roller.

Anti-cellulite, this massage improves the appearance of the skin while providing a feeling of well-being.

The results are without appeal: the body is drained, reshaped, detoxified.


75 minutes – 140 €