Clēmēns :

[calm, soothing]

In the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés quarter, the spa Clēmēns invites you to explore a unique sensorial experience.

More than just an urban spa, Clēmēns is a place where time has no hold. A precious escape for both mind and body.

Happiness is a subtle alchemy of beauty, health, and well-being. We created a place where these three elements are one.

Come and discover our range of treatment through private massage pools, float baths for one or two, and massage rooms in a setting dedicated to soulful wandering and serenity.

By the candlelight, the in-water treatment is a fascinating experience of sensorial relaxation, well-being, and personal balance. Alone or in pairs, with or without our spa therapists, you are invited to let go in a setting deeply steeped in history.

The Renata Franca massages are a combination of the very best lymphatic drainage and shaping massage techniques that allow you to rid your body from its toxins, lighten up the corporal silhouette, and rejuvenate the entire inner being. These massages present immediate and spectacular results from the first session.